Pricing:      Prices range from $550 - $750.  Call 251-564-1883

We only breed a few times a year, so if you are interested in one of my puppies you need to contact me and I will put you on my call list so you are one of the first to be given a chance to send a deposit.

Deposits are $100. 

You can pay the deposit through Paypal or either mail a check or money order. To Pay through Paypal use the "Pay Deposits Online" button at the top of page.

Please remember that owning a dog is a great financial responsibility, they get sick and need medical attention and medicines just like us and if you think medical doctors are high, wait to you visit a vet.


Please read over my purchase contract .

Click here for Purchase Contract 


For a map and driving directions please clink on this link


All puppies are AKC registered. Most of our puppies are sold with a Limited Registration (pet companions), only a select few with be sold with Full Registration.

Your pick of the litter depends on when we recieve your deposit:

Example: You want a male puppy, If you are the first person to contact us stating you want a male and send in your deposit then you get 1st pick of the male puppies. If another person has contacted us and already paid their deposit for a male then you get 2nd pick of the males etc.......

Most litters are ready between 6-8 weeks of age, we start feeding them a mush at 3 weeks and usually they are eating good at 5-6 weeks.

We worm the puppies at 2,4,6 weeks of age.

We give them their first parvo vaccination before the leave for their new homes. They need a total of 3 Parvo vaccinations starting at 6 weeks, 9weeks, 12 weeks.

Our adult dogs are treated for Heart Worms once a month.

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