Information about German Shepherd Ears that are not standing.

I have a lot people call and email wanting information on their German Shepherds ears, they tend to get worried if their ears are not standing and they have a right to. A German Shepherd with floppy ears does not look like a German Shepherd. But a lot get worried too soon, I consider 3-4 months and under too soon but you need to take notice if after the puppy is 4 months old and the ears are not standing. Teething has a lot to do with the ears standing, they need to be through teething before you take action. Sometimes the ears will go up and then back down, this is usually caused by teething. After 4 1/2 months old it is time too look at your options, you still have time so do not panic. I have included a link below to a website  that goes into great detail about glueing and taping German Shepherd ears.

1.Click on this link for great information about taping and glueing floppy ears.

2.Click on this link for a video on how to tape ears